Estate Planning

At some point, we come to the realization that we will be absent from the lives of our loved ones, this happens either through our demise or incapacity. Estate planning is where we ensure that our loved ones are financially protected, that there is no unnecessary leakage of wealth over what was painstakingly built up over a lifetime and if there is a legacy, that legacy is continued on.

Advanced Medical Directive - AMD

Importance: Medium
Cost: Low
Advantages: Freedom of choice in choosing whether to extend life sustaining medical treatment
Recommendation: Depends on personal preferences

A legal document you sign in advance to inform your doctor that you do not want to use any life sustaining treatment to prolong your life in the event you become terminally ill, unconscious and where death is imminent. It should be part of your advance care planning, with discussions between medical professionals, your family members and yourself about your future healthcare plans. It is entirely voluntarily, and it is a criminal offense for anyone to force you to make one against your will. When ready, get started on our website here